It is no secret that Washington is broken. This dysfunction is stopping our elected officials from accomplishing anything of substance on our behalf.

This means no meaningful legislation will be passed to put Americans back to work, tax reform and common sense budget reforms are on the backburner while the middle-class continues to languish.

I helped pass several initiatives that sought to reform the way Washington works. These include:

A ban on earmarks
Legislation to require all bills must be posted online days before being voted on.
Legislation to stop automatic pay increases for Members of Congress
Cosponsored and voted to pass the STOCK Act, which bans insider trading for Congressmen, Senators and their staffs
Introduced legislation to force government agencies to post spending and production data online.
As a Member of Congress, I held a Town Hall Meeting in every County in the District, District Discussions with constituents, six job fairs and more. Additionally, we had an average two-day turnaround from the time a letter was received until the time a letter writer received a reply.

Lastly, I voted to cut my own offices budget twice, yielding an 11.4% reduction saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

We are a long way away from reforming the way Washington does business, but we will continue the fight to make Capitol Hill more accountable and accessible to all Granite Staters.