I do not support any proposal that reduces benefits for those at or near retirement. A promise made is a promise kept.

Many of our nation’s seniors depend on Social Security and Medicare. This is their lifeline after years of hard work. They paid into it with the understanding they would be taken care of when the time came. To pull the rug out from under them after years of hard work would be morally wrong.

Equally wrong would be to ignore the trend toward insolvency that both programs face. The nonpartisan trustees of Medicare predict the program will be bankrupt within the next decade. Social Security, while in a stronger position, ran a deficit for the first time in more than a quarter century in 2010.

In order to ensure the solvency of these vital programs we must look at making responsible, structural changes so future generations can receive the same safety net that currently protects their grandparents. I will continue to fight for the seniors who benefit from this program today and for their grandchildren, who should be able to count on it in the future.