MANCHESTER, NH — The Obama Administration has announced the price of the most popular Obamacare insurance plan will rise by 25 percent next year, or as much as 145 percent in some places, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The monthly premium price could be as high as $507 for an average 40-year old.

Additionally, the centralized health care plan is attracting fewer customers than its supporters predicted — just half as many — while the number of insurance carriers is falling by 28 percent. Choices are decreasing, and premiums are increasing.

Frank Guinta, who has voted to repeal and replace the top-down, bureaucratic health care system, issued the following statement about yesterdays announcement:

“The Administrations explanations for its failing health care program refute all the promises Obamacare boosters made to Granite Staters: Because many uninsured arent signing up, Obamacare will cost less, temporarily. Yet because sign-ups are so low, the costs of federally managed health care exchanges are rising rapidly, and New Hampshire taxpayers will pay more to bail them out. Despite the Presidents promise, “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” the Administration is suggesting that Obamacare victims switch plans and doctors again to cope with instability. This is a travesty that Hillary Clinton, Carol Shea-Porter and Shawn OConnor refuse to acknowledge.

In reality, there was always a better way to decrease costs, increase access and improve quality care for everyone, as opposed to empowering bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. Representing New Hampshires First District, Ive consistently fought to help Granite Staters earn a good wage, pay their bills, and meet their health care needs, and in the next Congress will be a steady advocate for true, patient-centered reform.”

In the 114th Congress, Guintas bill to repeal Obamacares 40-percent tax on middle-class families health benefits forced the President to delay the tax, saving public and private sector health benefits, wages and even jobs. His opponents in the race to represent New Hampshires First District — liberal “progressives” Shea-Porter and OConnor — have proposed a complete federal takeover to fix Obamacare.