MANCHESTER, NH — Running to represent New Hampshires First District in Congress, Republican Frank Guinta took on two far-left “progressives” — Carol Shea-Porter and Shawn OConnor — at todays Manchester Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum at St. Anselm College.

“It was a chance to lay out my plan for economic growth and jobs in New Hampshire, a plan to reverse top-down policies from Washington and to put power in the hands of Granite State entrepreneurs and employees, who know better than federal bureaucrats how to save and invest their own money,” said Guinta, who currently represents the district.

In a one-on-one interview with the moderator, he discussed his efforts to create new energy and transportation infrastructure, for instance upgrades to Interstate 93, that would grow commerce in the area, losing young people to more economically competitive states. Guinta said that fostering a start-up culture and building affordable housing stock would be key to retaining talent in New Hampshire, where energy and housing prices are relatively high.

Guinta, who cut taxes, instituted spending caps, and balanced the city budget, is Manchesters former two-term mayor. His previous private sector experience, combined with his executive experience in public service, make him the most qualified candidate, he told the Chamber.

The local business organization settled on todays one-on-one format, because Shea-Porter had refused to appear on stage with her rival OConnor, a Bernie Sanders supporter, formerly a Democrat. However, the New Hampshire Democrat Party prevented OConnor from running in its primary election. He will appear as an Independent on Novembers general ballot.

Like Shea-Porter, who voted for Obamacare, OConnor favors a complete federal health care takeover to rescue the Presidents failing insurance scheme, which has cost millions of Americans, including many Granite Staters, their insurance plans, wages or even jobs.

Numerous times in Congress, Guinta has voted to repeal and replace Obamacare with a patient-centered plan that truly lowers premium and deductible prices, increases access and improves quality health care. His bill to repeal Obamacares 40-percent excise tax on middle-class families insurance plans forced the President to sign a delay into law.

New Hampshire businesses, which the Manchester Chamber represents, among nearly 1,000 others, had sought Guintas help, explaining the tax would force some to cut employee hours, wages or jobs. Local governments in the state also sought Guintas help to repeal a punitive tax, which would harm public employees as well.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress joined Guintas effort. He successfully repealed an additional medical device tax — a levy on medical innovation that saves lives — and voted against insurance company bailouts. A federal court recently ruled that the Administration is illegally raiding public funds to bail out insurers, fleeing state health care exchanges.

Federally subsidized insurance “co-ops” are collapsing, too. One recently departed New Hampshires exchange, due to Obamacares unsustainable model. Guinta supports a plan to eliminate insurance monopolies, expand tax-free health savings accounts, and tort reform to further lower patient prices, as he told his receptive audience.

A “public option” or “single payer” plan, which Shea-Porter and OConnor support, would leave the federal government, effectively a monopoly, in sole control of the U.S. health care system.