MANCHESTER, NH — Carol Shea Porter has entered New Hampshires Democratic primary race, her campaign announced yesterday, touting the support of Bernie Sanders local steering committee and delegates in a press release.

But with New Hampshires primary race already over, Shea-Porters attempts to turn back the clock on a series of bad decisions appears to be futile. Shawn OConnor, a well-known Sanders supporter, is challenging her from the left in Novembers general election, just months away.

OConnor recently debuted his first TV ad and debated Republican Frank Guinta on WGIR radio, after the state Democrat Party tried twice, but failed, to block him from the general election ballot.

The party succeeded in protecting Shea-Porter from a primary challenge, and Shea-Porter has so far refused to appear with OConnor on a debate stage, continuing her streak of avoiding public questions about growing terrorist attacks, Obamacares collapse and a weak economy.

In her release, Shea-Porter extols her years “working alongside these dedicated supporters” but neglects to mention that, when it mattered most, she abandoned Sanders supporters, their preferred nominee, and Democrat voters who wanted a competitive race for Congress.

Instead, she endorsed Hillary Clinton, who also benefited from a rigged primary election, which the Democrat National Committee tilted in her favor. “Its too late for a do-over,” said Guinta, who won his partys nomination after months of debates, forums, and a primary election.

“Carol Shea-Porter wants to travel back in time to reverse her mistakes. Maybe while shes there, she could reverse her votes for the wasted trillion-dollar Stimulus and Obamacare, too. My own campaign is looking forward to the future,” he said, “where Ill be New Hampshires voice in Washington — not Washingtons voice in New Hampshire.”