The United States has always been a melting pot, and we respect the traditions and beliefs of others. We should continue to welcome people to the United States who respect our laws and want to contribute to the betterment of our society.

I do not oppose legal immigration, in fact, like many Americans; I am a product of it and have been honored to partake in swearing in ceremonies for individuals who have earned the right to become American citizens.

Illegal immigration though, is an entirely different situation. We are a nation that believes deeply in the rule of law and I do not think we should reward those who would willfully ignore our laws.

First, we must secure the border. This can be done with an increase in the number of border agents, construction of walls in high traffic areas and the added use of new technology.

Our second priority ought to be an increase in the penalties for employers who assist or hire illegal aliens. Local law enforcement should be encouraged to report illegal immigrants to the appropriate authorities for immediate deportation. Those state and municipal governments that refuse to follow federal immigration laws should forfeit federal funding. Lastly, we should work to streamline and make more efficient our immigration process.

To be clear, I will not support an amnesty of illegal aliens currently in the United States. Any amnesty would only reward criminal behavior and would encourage additional illegal immigration in the future.