Getting Granite Staters Back to Work

There are fewer people working today as a percentage of the labor force than at any time since Jimmy Carter was President.

Getting Granite Staters back to work has been and will remain a top priority of mine. In New Hampshire, our economy depends on the success of our small business owners and entrepreneurs. In order for them to be successful, the federal government needs to create an environment favorable to job creation.

What does this mean?

It means Washington needs to spend more time repealing red tape, reducing spending and reforming the tax code. If and when this happens, job creators will be liberated to do what they do best, create good, middle class jobs.

Two years ago, I launched my “Getting Granite Staters Back to Work” jobs initiative, which successfully held job fairs in Rochester, Manchester, Derry, Conway and Portsmouth. It included an “Educate, Empower, Engage” womens job initiative, a Small Business survey, three Manufacturers Summits to revive a struggling employment sector, and scores of business visits and roundtables.

Recently I began the Independent Business Council whose mission is to provide the business community in New Hampshire a voice opposing harmful regulations that will increase their operating costs and decrease their ability to create jobs.

Lastly, I worked with Republicans and Democrats in Washington to pass over 30 bipartisan job bills, which would have helped to create the environment the private sector needs to grow. Unfortunately, the Senate failed to act on many of them, leaving the American people to stare in disbelief at Washington’s dysfunction.

I will not rest until every Granite Stater looking for work finds a good paying middle-class job.