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ENERGY AND GAS PRICES | Guinta for Congress


Energy costs in New Hampshire are skyrocketing and driving up the cost of doing business.  This is forcing factories to close their doors and lay off Granite Staters.  These cost increases are a direct result of government regulations based more on ideology than scientific facts.

A recent study suggests over 1,000 people in our District will lose their jobs because of this overactive regulatory regime.  That is to say nothing of the increased costs you pay monthly on your electricity bill.

It is long past time to tell Washington to stop hurting the middle class citizens of this state with their reckless agenda in the name of an ever-expanding state.

New Hampshire’s economy depends on tourism and protecting our natural beauty, pristine lakes, rivers, and habitat.  The idea that we must choose between a healthy economy and a healthy environment is a false choice.

We must rein in the federal government’s excesses, protect New Hampshire jobs and taxpayers, while ensuring our habitat and beauty remain intact.

The average price for a gallon of gas on the day President Obama took office was $1.83.  Today, that same gallon of gas costs $3.62.

Based on other estimates released by the Federal Highway Administration, the average American now spends an extra $1,022 a year because of the increase in gas prices.  This is $1,000 not saved for retirement.  $1,000 not put into your kids college account.  $1,000 not spent on that vacation you wanted to take.

We need to enact a nationwide, long-term energy plan to begin responsibly exploring for and utilizing our own natural resources.  Recent estimates have said the United States could be a net energy exporter in the not too distant future; however, this will only occur if we have the courage to take the necessary steps to become energy independent.

Renewable energy and other forms of green energy must be part of the solution too since using energy from source that unrenewable such as car battery might cause problem in the future.  Only when we commit ourselves to this all of the above energy approach will we truly become energy independent and rid ourselves of our dependence on foreign oil.